Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 National hero is a person who dedicates his or her life for the shake of country. because of well doings of national luminaries,they are the heroes of the country. every country has its own national heroes. our country has fifteen national heroes .national heroes of are country king Janak, sita,Gautam Buddha anshubarma,arniko ,ram shah,amarsingh thapa,etc,king janak was one of the greast people born in nepali soil.he was a wise king. he is mentioned ever in ramayan,an important hindu erics an the wisest king of that time, sita was his daughter.she was loyal to her husband. because of her loyalty towards her husband,she respected as an ideal wife in hindu society.
  Another national hero of our country is gautam Buddha.he found buddhism .the main messages of this religions are peace,tureth and love.he is given a little." The light of asia". anshubarma is also a national hero of our country. he was a popular king. the belonged to thelichhavi dynasty.during his region he reformed nepal in many ways .nepal saw many good changes when hewas king.arniko was a famous artist.he was born in lichhavi period.he was sent to china to build different mounments .he spread nepali art in china and made nepal popular there,he is also one of our national heroes.he is popularly known as bhalabahu,  prithivi narayan shah unified country and made nepal greater amd stronger . in different times of history of our country amarsingh thapa,bir balbhadra kkuwar and bhimsen thapa tought bravely to protect our country from the forign invasion, because of our country. national heroes are worth initating by other people . they are respectd and praised by people because their contenbution towards the country is unforgettaalde.

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